All images displayed on this page are genuine works and projects carried out and installed by Yiannis Doors Ltd.

Over 80% of the products we install are manufactured directly in the UK.

British Browse through the products we have on offer on this page, and visit our Projects page to view the products installed on genuine sites.


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This gallery shows car park barriers we have installed.


Security Grilles

This gallery shows some examples of security grilles, sometimes called collapsible gates.

High Speed Doors

This gallery shows some examples of high speed doors. These are our most popular type of door as there are many different models, each tailored for a specific type of application. Be it internal doors with automatic knockout/reset facility, external doors with high frequency use and wind resistance, or variations in between, there is always a model to suit the use.

Loading Bays

This gallery shows some examples of loading bays. We offer complete loading bay packages consisting of the loading bay shelters, loading dock levellers, dock buffers, wheel guides, traffic lights, controls, inflating air bag shelters, loading bay doors etc.

Personnel Doors

This gallery shows some examples of personnel doors. There are many different types of personnel doors that we use. Everything from the standard sized doors, to custom sized/over-sized doors, louvred ventilation doors, security doors, fire doors, insulated panel doors, to name but a few.

Roller Shutter Doors

This gallery shows some examples of roller shutter doors. These are constructed from metal lathes which roll around a barrel to operate the door. These lathes can be plain metal, galvanised or powder coated a colour, or indeed insulated with a foam filling in between a double skin.
Another special type of roller shutter door is the fire shutter. This will have either a mechanical or electrical way of closing the door in the case of a fire.

Sectional Doors

This gallery shows a variety of insulated sectional doors. These are a popular and versatile model door as they can be installed in so many different configurations, colours, finishes (even glazed transparent panels!) and operations.

Garage Doors

This gallery shows some examples of the high quality garage doors we offer. We supply and install insulated roller shutter type garage doors, as well as insulated paneled sectional doors.
These come in a range of colours, wood effect, with or without windows, and fully automated with remote control operation.

Specialist Items

Sometimes a client asks us to solve to an unusual problem. In these cases we will always endeavour to produce a solution, even if it means creating a new control ourselves.
Shown in this gallery are just 3 of such controls:

    • Wind Detection control – This uses an anemometer to monitor wind speed, and if the speed exceeds a preset level then the control provides a signal to the door control.
    • Door Interlock – Our high speed door control panels can easily interlock with each other, but this control can interlock a number of doors and indeed any type of electric door.
    • Presence Detection Beacon – This control activates a beacon and/or sounder once a optical beam is cut, thus indicating the presence of an object in the set zone.


Strip Curtain

This gallery shows a simple, quick and cost effective solution to closing a gap. The pvc strips hang from hooks installed at the top of the opening and simply hang in place.