Roller Shutters

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Roller shutters are heavy duty durable doors constructed from interlocking lathes which create a hinge along their length to form the curtain. Upon operation the construction then allows the door to roll around the barrel thus minimal space is needed above the door opening. The curtain is guided by channels on the side of the frame that stop any horizontal movement, and the rolling mechanism is enclosed by a protective case.

Yiannis Doors Ltd supply a large variety of roller shutter doors from the basic galvanized manual shutter, right up to large electrically operated industrial shutters in a range of different colours.

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Types Available

The roller shutter lathes come in a variety of guages or thickness. The standard lathe coating is galvanised, however you may have the lathes powder coated in your choice of RAL colours.

As well as the standard roller shutter doors we can also provide:

  • Insulated Shutters for situations where heat loss is an issue.
  • Perforated Shutters when ventilation is a primary concern, or for when security is needed whilst maintaining a see-through aspect.
  • Fire Shutters which are weighted to close in case of a fire. They may either be electric or manual. These can even be linked to a fire alarm to close or open if a fire alarm is triggered.

European Regulations

All the doors are designed, tested and certified with the latest use and safety regulations as determined by the European Standardization Committee, CEN. According to CEN, maintenance of sectional doors is required at least once a year. We can arrange for the maintenance of your doors with you.