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Sectional doors are robust yet stylish doors constructed of several panels. They offer excellent insulation and can be constructed to open directly up, or where space is an issue they can be fitted in an “up and over” manner whereby the door curves to lie horizontally when open.

For processing or cold store applications it is common to use sectional doors due to their security and insulation values. We also frequently install sectional doors paired with a rapid roll for external applications; this provides fast access during the day and allows the sectional door to be closed at night. This is often a more efficient and cost-effective solution than using insulated roller shutters.

The sectional doors we supply are suitable for every type of building. The doors have been designed for durability and efficiency. The springs are engineered to withstand 20000 cycles and the bearing rollers compromise dustproof, self-lubricating bearings and a wear resistant nylon surface. The panels are thermally insulated consisting of double walled galvanised steel plates with a CFC-free polyurethane foam filling. The panels are also finger safe.

All the individual components of the overhead doors are first produced and subsequently galvanized. This provides perfect protection against corrosion.
Each track system is tailor-made, taking into account the conditions on site.

There are three basic systems for operating the overhead doors:

  • Hand operated by a rope
  • Hand operated with a chain hoist
  • Electrically operated

There are various options in the area of safety and security including protection against spring and cable break and slack cables, the doors can also be fitted with a safety edge and a pass door switch.

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Summary of Track Types

The great versatility of the sectional door comes from the fact that there are so many configurations possible. This means that whatever the location, there will be a suitable configuration.


Colour Range

RAL Colour Swatch
The door can be supplied in a range of colours. The inside of the panel is RAL 9010 (White), while the exterior has a polyester coating which can be finished in any of the range of RAL colours.
The standard choice of RAL colours are shown below:

RAL Standard Colours

Panel (Section) Materials

All our industrial type panels with traditional tongue and groove joints have the following features:

    • Insulation: High density, self-extinguishing CFC-free Polyurethane foam
      Panels have a thermal insulation value of 0.6 Wm^2/K
    • Metal layers: Pre-painted galvanised steel
    • Coating: 25 um Polyester or 200 um Plastisol
    • Inner and outer finish: Stucco embossed (or smooth Leathergrain for Plastisol)
    • Choice of types: 
        • ST – Steel sandwich panels
          An ST door is made from steel sandwich panels that fit more or less seamlessly together using a male/ female construction. The individual panels are filled with a polyurethane foam care (CFC-free) and are also thermally separated. Hence the panels have no thermal bridges, which means they offer optimum insulation. ST panels are 40 mm thick; the front and back are fabricated from 0.5 mm galvanized steel sheet in the standard colour RAL 9002. This thorough preliminary treatment gives the panels a long life. Moreover, ST panels are finished in a stucco design that gives the doors an even more attractive appearance. Incidentally, for a slight additional price the panels can be supplied in nearly every conceivable RAL colour.
        • AR – Aluminium profile
          The entire AR door consists of sections made of robust aluminium profile. Dependent on your requirements these sections can contain various elements, such as 21 mm thick acrylic double glazing, single acrylic glazing, impact-resistant polycarbonate, single safety glass or 21 mm thick sandwich panels. The aluminium section can be supplied in practically every desired RAL colour. The section height is variable within certain limits; 50, in the final overhead door all the sections have the same height. The AR door has a luxurious appearance and is, partly due to the amount of transmitted light, especially suited for demonstration areas such as garages.
        • ALU – Aluminium sandwich panels
          ALU panels have the same specific characteristics as ST panels, but they have a more impressive appearance. This is because the front and back of the ALU sandwich panels have an aluminium finish (stucco design). ST and ALU overhead doors are fitted with galvanized steel end caps and aluminium top and bottom profiles; the latter containing rubber seals.





Vision Windows

Vision windows can be built in to the design of the door, in fact it is even possible to have the whole door constructed to be see through!

Sectional Door Panel Vision Panels

Electric Doors

All our doors can be fitted with an electric motor so the door can be automatically opened and closed. The alternative is to fit the door with a chain for manually hoisting and lowering the door, which is great for saving on electricity but can get to be hard work if you need to use the door often!
The control panel can be supplied with a range of accessories including remote controls, photocells and safety edges.

Pass Doors / Wicket Gates

A built-in pass door can be fitted in any overhead door with a width of up to 5000mm. The pass door profiles are fabricated from anodised aluminium. Dependent on the type of overhead door, the pass door can be fitted with an electric security switch so that the door cannot be operated whilst the pass door is open; this is mounted invisibly.


Sectional with pass dooSectional with pass doo


The STA and TVR ranges of operators mount directly to the spring shaft of the door.
All operators have a manual override facility to open and close the door in the event of a mains power failure, this can be achieved by a disengage clutch, floor level or high level hand chain systems. For Fire stations and Ambulance stations where speed of opening is critical under all circumstances the VRFCU operators can provide rapid emergency manual hand chain.

Our standard operators power ranges from 0.37Kw to 0.75kw, though we can provide larger powers when needed for larger applications.

All operators have are provided with the following standard features:

  • Gear driven limit switches.
  • Integral thermal motor protection.
  • IP 54 Environmental protection.
  • Safety interlocks for manual operation.
  • High starting torque industrial duty motors.
  • Phosphor bronze worm wheel.
  • A full range of controls and mechanical accessories are also available.

European Regulations

All the doors are designed, tested and certified with the latest use and safety regulations as determined by the European Standardization Committee, CEN. According to CEN, maintenance of sectional doors is required at least once a year. We can arrange for the maintenance of your doors with you.