Loading Bays

Since the introduction of the Climate Change Levy (CCL) sealing loading bays became a must.

We offer sealing solutions for all types of loading bays, whether it is at floor level or dock height, along with all the additional loading bay equipment.

  • Dock Levellers

    – Provides a means of connecting the vehicle to the building. There are several different kinds of leveller available from hinged-lip to telescopic. We can suggest the appropriate leveller to suit your site.

  • Dock Shelters

    – A frame to ensure a good fit with a wide range of varying sized vehicle trailers. We can even provide inflatable shelters for a perfect seal every time.

  • Loading Pods

    – A stand-alone structure built to extend the loading capabilities of a building. Custom design ensures that the pod is built exactly for your application and needs.

  • Dock Bumpers

    – Protects your building and the vehicles loading/unloading from damage.

  • Wheel Guides

    – Steel barriers on the ground outside the dock can help protect the dock from damage as they guide the vehicles to the perfect position.

  • Protection Posts/Bollards

    – The ideal way to protect door frames, control boxes and pedestrians from accidental knocks and collisions.

  • Traffic Lights

    – An essential feature lets both drivers and staff know when it is safe to use the leveller and accompanying door.

  • Loading Bay Lights

    – Lightweight, bright and can be positioned at any angle to light the interior of the docked vehicle.

  • Composite Control Panel

    – One standard control panel that can control the door, dock leveller, shelter and traffic lights.



Apart from the obvious money saving benefits there are several other advantages:

  • Safer loading area (Health & Safety at work)
  • Staff not getting wet (studies have shown that happy staff are more productive!)
  • Preventing the ingress of dust, insects, birds and fumes
  • Added security
  • Helping to make your company greener by protecting the environment