Dock Accessories

Traffic lights

Traffic Lights
An essential feature lets both drivers and staff know when it is safe to use the leveller and accompanying door.

The traffic lights are installed on the exterior of the loading bay so that they are visible to drivers, facilitating the communication between drivers and loading bay users.

They can be set up as mimic lights operated manually by a switch, or integrated to activate based on the loading bay leveller or door. This way a red light will be displayed to the driver when loading or unloading, but when complete the light will be switched to green to tell the driver that it is safe to drive away from the dock.

Loading Bay Lights

Dock Lights
Lightweight, bright and can be positioned at any angle to light the interior of the docked vehicle – a low cost way to increase loading bay safety and productivity.


  • Tough resilient non-conductive body
  • Integrally moulded handle for easy multi-directional positioning
  • Bright 24V 70W halogen bulb
  • Maneuverability and brightly focused beam
  • Toughened glass lens
  • Supplied complete with transformer
  • Folds neatly away when not in use
  • The operation can be integrated in to the control, or it can be operated via a manual switch

Composite Control Panel

Composite Control Panel
One standard control panel that can control:

  • The loading bay door (often a sectional door)
  • The dock leveller
  • The dock shelter, e.g. inflatable air bag shelters
  • Traffic lights

Not only is the control panel practical, but it reduces the amount of electrical control devices required hence saving space.