Garage Doors, Security & Access

Where security and quality counts Yiannis Doors can deliver.

Automatic Barriers

Automatic Barrier (Westminster)
In order to control access to vehicle parking areas we provide automatic barriers that utilise a minimalist design to offer barriers that are easy to use, practical and long lasting.

  • Suits barriers up to 8m in length
  • Choose from fixed or bending arm designs
  • Extremely hard wearing, the metallic colour painted sheet metal does not degrade over time
  • High visibility with LED lights that activate when the arm is in operation
  • Option for a magnetic loop system that can ensure you avoid queuing traffic

Barrier Standard Installation

The diagram above shows an example of standard installation for a access barrier. It shows:
1 – The mechanics and operator for the barrier
2 – The barrier arm
3 – The fixed support rest for the arm
4 – Optional flashing light
5 – Column for Access control; Key Selector Switch, Combination Keypad, Card Decoder
6 – Radio transmitter hand set
7 – Safety photocell beams
8 – Magnetic loop detection device for traffc monitoring
A – Connection to power supply to an omnipolar switch with an opening distance of the contacts of at least 3mm. The connection to the mains must be made via an independent channel, separated from the connections to command and safety devices.

Automated Gates

Sliding Gate

For security and convenience we offer various options of gate automations:

  • Automatic Sliding Gates
  • Hinged Swing Gates
  • Heavy Duty Application Gates

By far the most popular option is the sliding gate. This could be due to it’s compact and stylish appearance, reliability and space saving properties.

Sliding Gate