Cube Stacking Door

When installation space is limited!


We are pleased to introduce the NEW CUBE stacking door. The CUBE is a welcome addition to our product range and gives you the opportunity to offer a suitable solution for complex situations.

Having to say “no” when asked if you have a solution for situations where there is little or no space for the traditional track system is a thing of the past! This is because the sections of the CUBE fold into a limited space behind the door opening.

Additionally because there are no horizontal tracks, the CUBE can be quickly installed.

The CUBE stacking door can be used in among others the following situations:

  • Limited space behind the door
  • When crane tracks need to extend to immediately behind the door
  • In garages with inspection ramps immediately behind the doors
  • If your client wants to use the maximum height of the building , for instance racks

The stacking door is only supplied with aluminium sections WITHOUT finger protection. You can choose the same fillings as for the standard sectional door.

The CUBE always has an EVEN number of sections where a pair (2 sections) always have the same height (maximum 650 mm).

For each two sections, one section always has the hinges on the outside.

The spring system is ALWAYS pre-mounted on a box section that can be quickly and simply installed.

The doors are always electrically operated.

Extensively tested – the CUBE stacking door has been extensively tested and is made from high-quality materials.

The stacking system must be extremely accurately installed to ensure that the door functions faultlessly!



If you have any questions and/or require more information, please don’t hesitate to
contact us. We will be pleased to assist you.