Environmental Solutions

The environment and green legislature means that more and more companies are having to consider ways to control their environments and remain eco-friendly. This makes sense most of all from a cost benefit and energy saving point of view. Luckily Yiannis Doors Ltd has a great deal of experience in these matters and can offer a variety of solutions.


This is a system which combines 2 high speed Rapid Roll doors. The doors are interlocked together to create an ‘airlock’ so that the door will only open if the other door is in the closed position.

The tunnel can be configured to for either uni-directional or bi-directional traffic.

If security as well as speed is an issue, the external rapid roll can be paired with another door in a double application situation (see below)

VideosClick here to see a video of the tunnel in use.

Double Application Doors

Double Application DoorsMany times it is a good idea to use combinations of door types to achieve the best balance of speed, usability and security.

Popular pairings include rapid roll high speed doors for constant use during operating hours, combined with an insulated sectional overhead door or roller shutter for security.

VideosHave a look at the sample in our videos section

Note that if a building already has a door in place, in most cases there will be no need for an additional power supply or extra steel frames. The high speed door is simply installed behind the existing door and the spaces between closed off using steel flashing.

Loading Pods & Airbag Shelters

Dock shelters form a seal between vehicles and the building, for more information please see the Dock Shelter page of our website:

  • Loading Pods – The loading pod is a free standing structure that is bolted to the outside of a building to create a loading bay and therefore not encroaching on the space inside the building.
    The structure can be fully insulated with cladding or just a single skin profiled sheet finished in any RAL colour.

Strip Curtain

These PVC plastic curtain strips are a great cost-effective solution to energy saving. They have the added benefit of being quick and easy to install and replace too!