On this page you will find videos of our doors in operation in real life conditions.

Yiannis Doors Ltd are high speed door specialists in proud cooperation with Ditec Entrematic Italy (S.p.a.)


Two rapid roll high speed doors in combination to create the Enviro-Tunnel system. The doors are interlocked so that the door can only open if the other door is closed. This creates an airlock which means that the internal and external environments separated by the tunnel are kept truly separate.


The Alimax model; full-washable, high speed rapid roll door designed specifically for the food sector market.

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Operation of a Sector Model Rapid Roll High Speed Door.
Magnetic loops used as open function
Sequential light barrier/curtain used a safety feature.

Smart Reset

Operation of a high speed Rapid Roll door, Smart Reset Model
Video shows safety features and the novel self-repairing curtain.

Traffic CM

The two videos below show a Ditec Traffic CM rapid-roll door in operation. As you can see they are fast acting fold-up doors:

Double Application Example

It is often useful to pair door combinations together, for example in this video we have a sectional door for security, and a Traffic model rapid roll door for all day use.